What is Toltec Art?

The Toltecs believed that the state of being of the artist impregnated whatever it is he was doing. The resulting work of art was then an artifac––something created, but at the same time vibrant and alive with the mood present when created. If the artist was able to go beyond the face of ordinary existence, and through the art was able to connect to higher consciousness, then that connection would be present in the work of art.

The work of art would hold the consciousness, the mood, the vibration that was present inside the artist at the moment of creation—a resonant feature whose life was independent of the artist—and could then be accessed by someone else if she simply applied the keys in the right way. If that other person aligned her thoughts, her emotions, her posture, and her energy that way, that alignment would activate the vibration that existed in this work of art; and in doing so, the art would communicate to the observer the knowledge, the experiences, and the mood of the artist when he created it.

Usually, the art contains clues on what posture to take and what mentation to take. Sometimes, it won’t tell you everything. Sometimes, it will give you the general mood, and you start from there. Then, you begin to move the posture this way or that, or to increase your emotion this way or that, until you hit resonance. Some artifacts are harder to open than others. When it is opening, it is clear. A lock clicks, then it comes to life.

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