Everyday Sorcery for the Closet Magician

Magick is often conceived as either the superstitious tools of the uninformed, or else as the inaccessible obscure disciplines of secret cabals.

There are, however, powerful strategies and dynamic principles that are easily accessible to everyone capable of awakening the latent powers of our being, and of giving access to the magical forces inherent in nature.

It is true that to obtain mastery in magick and mysticism, a great deal of effort, study, and ordeals are necessary. To truly walk the path of the shaman, the brujo, the magus and the Nahual, a lifelong dedication is necessary where every drop of blood is poured in service to this science and art of transformation.

But just like technology springs from science to bring its benefits to all humanity, so do the principles of magick described in this class become accessible to everyone.

This class, Everyday Sorcery for the Closet Magician, is designed to awaken in you latent powers, and to sharpen the mystical tools you already have.

It is, however, not a class based on superstitious tactics created by misunderstandings and mistaken principles propagated by the untrained. No. Every Day Sorcery is a collection of tools and principles that are accessible to all of us without specialized training, but it is not for those that just want a quick and lazy way to get money, fame, revenge, or any other of the 10,000 seductions of the dream of life. It is a class truly for the Closet Magician: that powerful part of us that is connected to the universal powers of creation, the one who remembers our divine origin.

Everyday Sorcery for the Closet Magician will be offered for only $21 dollars. But for you, it is completely free. I am sending it to you just for being part of my mail list.

Click here to access the free class, Everyday Sorcery for the Closet Magician.

Let me know what you think!


Ps, in case the links above don’t work, type the link into your browser: https://koyote.podia.com/everyday-sorcery-for-the-closet-magician

Aka Dua Master Class

I will be conducting the Master Class for everyone interested in the Aka Dua.


Yes, I know, many of you have been asking for this. Now that I’ve been properly cornered and prodded, I’ll release this material I’ve been keeping in my medicine bag, toss it out into cyberspace, and see if these pesky students get distracted long enough for me to make my getaway and go enjoy a good cup of coffee in my cave.

In this Master Class, I want to accomplish a few things that might be very useful to everyone who practices, studies, or teaches the Aka Dua. It is a class for masters, for those seeking mastery, and for those who simply want to understand and use the Aka Dua better. Or maybe you are just curious about what the Aka Dua means to others and wonder how others use it? This Master Class is for you, too.

The format of the Aka Dua Master Class is a treat all by itself. In the first five of eight classes, I will be sitting with each Aka Dua Level V master. There are currently five Level V masters, each one has a different and unique understanding of the Aka Dua, and fascinating history, and each has developed techniques and strategies that are not typically taught in regular courses. In each of these 2-hour long classes, you will be exposed to their understanding, experience, and contributions. You will get to see the Aka Dua from their experience and understanding. But there is more!

In each of the 8 sessions in the Aka Dua Master Class, you will witness me guiding each Level V to new levels of mastery, understanding, and technique. This guidance will of course help answer questions, help understanding, and give you techniques and ideas you might have not been exposed to before. They will also bring to light aspects of the Aka Dua not previously seen.

In the last three classes, you will learn the basics about levels I-IV, which are open to everyone. You will also learn about how you can attain the level V, which is by invitation only. No matter what level of the Aka Dua you have, there is a lot in this Master Class for you.

What if you don’t have the Aka Dua? What if you got it a while ago and have not done anything with it? This Master Class will help you learn about it more, answer questions you might have, and learn how others are using it to help them attain their aims.

How can you take this class?

There are three ways you can take the class:

1- You can purchase each session separately, for $75 per class. If you take the entire course, that will be a total of $600.

I don’t recommend this option. Keep reading.

2- You can pay for the entire course upfront. I’m giving a deep discount for those who make the commitment to the four months, 8 sessions, course.

You can take this option for only $350. This is more than a 40% discount!

In addition, everyone who makes the commitment to the entire course will receive a free copy of the ebook edition of a book Koyote is working on as you read this: “Aka Dua: just as the Blind sees it.”

In addition, everyone committing to the entire course will enter an automatic draft. Every session, Koyote will draw a name, and the winner will obtain a free Aka Dua initiation to a level above their current one—bringing the winner to either level 1, 2, or 3.

The cap is at 3, since levels beyond that requires deeper training and development.

If a level 3, 4, or 5 is chosen, other items will be gifted instead.

Now, of course this is a great option. If you want to pay upfront for the entire course, go to

I want to pay for the course without a subscription

However, I still recommend a different option.

We just started a subscription service. The subscription will give you access to a rich and useful body of teachings, Tellings, courses, and special events. Those who sign up for the $25 level or higher will be able to attend the Aka Dua Master Class as a complimentary thank you for supporting Xicoco Shamanic Arts.

Yes, the subscription is completely for the benefit of Xicoco Shamanic Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to make the teachings of Koyote available. These funds will help Xicoco maintain the community grounds, where the Medicine Wheel, the Sweat Lodge, and Vision Quests are hosted.

To subscribe, go to:

Xicoco Subscription: www.xicoco.mn.com

Choose either the $25 or the $100 a month donation, and you are in!

All I ask is that you stay in the subscription service for the 4 months the Master Class lasts. You can continue after that at any of the levels ($10, $25, or $100), or cancel your subscription.

That’s it! Your commitment would be only of $100 for the entire course!

Of course, I would love it if you continue supporting Xicoco Shamanic Arts and continue to get my teachings for a long time, but if you decide to cancel after the four months, it’s all good!  

Everyone at Xicoco told me I’m crazy for making this offer way too good for you, and really bad for business (and for my pockets). They insisted I should charge premium for this course, because it is going to be so good!

However, it is important to me that everyone who can benefit attends. That is much more important than the money we need to preserve the land.

Who should attend? Everyone who is interested in the Aka Dua. There will be a lot for every level. Even people who have not yet received a level 1 transmission can attend and benefit. Are you thinking about getting an Aka Dua transmission? This is the best opportunity to learn and benefit from it. Are you a master, a healer, a teacher, an artist? This will give you many opportunities to get new ideas, insights, and tips for a better use of the Aka Dua.

There is something for everyone.

So, pick your payment plan, and subscribe now.

This Master Class series will be provided in person at the Xicoco community house as well as online, with two sessions each month for four months.

It will be held from 10 am to 12:30 pm PST on the following dates:

March 3/20 and 3/27

April 4/17 and 4/24

May 5/22 and 5/29

June. 6/19 and 6/26.

 See you there!



I’m happy to announce a new subscription service that Xicoco Shamanic Arts has set up to better share the material I have been creating.

Now, besides the abundant material found in YouTube (https://youtube.com/c/KoyotetheBlind), you can access courses, classes, Tellings, ebooks, lectures, intensives, and much more exclusive content.

To sign up, click on this link:


Or, go type the following in your browser: https://xicoco.mn.co/

There are three levels to choose from. All proceeds go to Xicoco Shamanic Arts, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. This money will help maintain the community house, the Medicine Wheel, and all the services for the community we have been providing for almost twenty years.

Please consider joining, and pass on this invitation to anyone you think might benefit from these teachings.

In gratitude,


El Despertar de un Continente

Vamos a comenzar una serie de pláticas en español, hoy jueves 18 de marzo a las 7:30 p.m., tiempo Pacifico. Nos reuniremos cada jueves a la misma hora.

El tema de las pláticas serán las tradiciones de resistencia espiritual este continente americano vió nacer.

Pueden registrarse en my canal de YouTube:


También transmitiremos en vivo en mi pagina de Facebook (The Telling by Koyote the Blind) e Instagram.

(Arte de Xochitl Flores Xochitl Flores Jaramillo)

I move about the long night

I carry the old world in my blood; and when it is spilled, it feeds our mother earth. I carry the old world in my dreams, and they dream of the future. I carry the end of times in my bones. I am yesterday, today, and the brother of tomorrow.

I am of the builders of the pyramids in all the nations. My love making is of the man-woman; the androgynous. I am self begotten. I am one. I am many outside, one within.

I am the immobile rock which sits in the center of the sunken land. I am the flowing waters that move between star and star. I am of the starry path, illuminating the dark night of the universe. My people is of the star nation, as all the people who are of us. I am eleven and I am none.

After the sacrifice, I am not. I walk across the abyss; I die the death of the just. Maat is in my heart and flows across the gulf of time, from beginning to end of this creation and beyond.

I am nothing. I am the liar, the story teller. I have no words. I speak with no authority but the authority of the fool. I move about the long night, silent, invisible. I show my face to you because I remember you and the laughter of the end of times.

As We Improve So Do All Beings Around

It is not easy to discern the nature of the situation. At this point, the coronavirus is mutating—as expected. As humans work to strengthen defenses by internal and external means—enhancing immunological response, masks, regulations, and vaccines—the virus is under pressure to improve its capability of attaching to the body and reproducing itself.

This is common in our symbiotic relationship with microbes. We would not exist without them. Yes, they have created deadly and crippling strands, but also have created variations that have become an intrinsic part of our body and even our DNA. Viral mutations and their access to our DNA code has allowed some of them to become part of the survival tools we have developed; and indeed, part of what has improved our capacity to feel more, to grow in consciousness, and to develop our capacity to evolve.

As we seek to become immune from this virus, there is an intelligence attempting to make the virus better at what it does. It is the same intelligence that allows humans to try to understand and survive. Either the virus gets controlled and rendered innocuous, or it becomes too strong for us—is how most of us tend to think of the road ahead. However, evolutionary ethnohistory teaches us that there are times when the viral entity has become so good as to learn not only to bypass our defenses, but to evolve to the point where it becomes a important collaborative tool for our evolution, increasing thus our intelligence, sensorial acuity, and capacity to face this infinite vastness wherein we thrive.

What is to happen with this one strand? We don’t know, except for one thing. We must do what we have always done: strive beyond the limits of our comfort to understand, to survive, and to keep growing in joy to thrive in the face of any and all adversities. This is what allows all beings around us to also strive to improve.

As we evolve, so do all things around us.

Face this time with courage, therefore, and stay alert. But do not succumb to dread and fear of the unknown. Do not fall into the pit of false knowledge either. Opting to feel the comfort of belief is the hubris of a lazy mind. Know, instead, that we are always facing an endless field of light in infinite extension, unknowable, and in this facing of the mystery of existence we take each step into the unknown with courage, with joy, and with the evolutionary tested strategy of having each other’s back. Thrive in the knowledge that as we get better at what we do, so do all sentient beings.

Desde tu Santa Ausencia

Ahora veo claro, bien amada de mis íntimos anhelos, que hasta en lo descartado y olvidado se manifiesta tu infinita presencia, llamando a tu amado, implorando desde la profundidad de tu santa ausencia que recuerde.

Now I see clearly, beloved of my yearnings, that even in the discarded and forgotten your infinite presence manifests, calling your beloved, imploring from the depths of your holy absence to remember.

Missionary Work

Missionary work is one of the main tools used by colonial powers. Sure, you go and get your experiences with native people, and you come back with memories and pictures and all the feel good you brought from your encounter with loving and grateful people. You never get to see the destruction and degradation you left behind, nor the way the colonizers and oppressors will use the tools you left there for them. You can remain blind to the way in which you came to a foreign land to tell them their native ways are wrong, that they need the Bible and you church, that their millenary spiritual ways are wrong. You come with money and charm, and drop a paradigm on them designed to make them abandon their wisdom and ways in favor of your Jesus and your cult. How different it would be if you came here with the simple desire to learn and be a guest, with respect. How different if you didn’t have the putrid desire to change the natives into followers of your ways.

This Cocoon, My Heart

Jodorowski once told me of a photographer in Mexico who was shooting images of cocoons. “They are neither worms nor butterflies,” she explained, “I’m taking photographs of the nothing.”

For the Toltec, the alchemically transformed heart is represented by an obsidian butterfly.

Your heart is a cocoon. Inside there is a seed of the infinite, a silent void in the dark, a particle of the eternal night.

Let it be fed with the dreams of the best and purest of lights.

Neither moth nor worm,
the angelic cocoon dreams
with flutters of light.

Photography by Adumbrations Photography


LGBTQ Constitutionally Protected, declares the Supreme Court.

After an exhausting week of verbal racist attacks, violent threats, insults, and the daily dose of invitations to go back to where I come from, it was such a beautiful soothing balm to my heart to see this rainbow colored glimmer of hope.

This is a sign post, dear friends. We are walking the good path. Keep going! Keep going!

Never have I seen a sparrow stop in mid flight just after lifting skyward.

Neither shall we stop.

Take a moment to enjoy this brief respite in the storm, and take in the rainbow beauty announcing the world to come.

(Historic ruling: Supreme Court says LBTQ community enjoys constitutional protection against discrimination.)