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The Golden Flower: the Yoga of Dreaming and Astral Mastery

A unique book on the art of dreaming, astral projection, and voyaging through the higher planes, presented by a Toltec shaman and Western magician. This is the Yoga of Dreaming. It is a distillation of the deepest teachings and art of attainment, delivered in clear and practical, yet poetic, prose. A delight to read, and filled with practical gems throughout. Only 333 copies printed.

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Teachings of a Toltec Survivor

This book is a live esoteric course taught by Koyote the Blind, a Toltec master story teller. The chapters reflect the weaving of these teachings, allowing the reader to share on the otherworldly effects of those sacred chambers.

More experiential than academic, this book affords a glimpse into the training possible with a Toltec Nahual.

This edition maintains the material presented in class, but delivers it in a powerfully experiential way, easy to follow, and full of humor and wisdom.

This is truly an artifact that carries the teachings, allowing the reader to benefit not only from the information presented, but also allows the magic of the moment to have a powerful effect on the reader, as if they had been present in the chamber.

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This is a collection of poems in haiku form written by Koyote The Blind. These haiku are conceived as an adumbration of the writer’s journey through life and the forging of his experience as a Thelemic magician and a Toltec survivor.

Adumbrations: a book of selected haiku by Koyote




Tolteca is a periodical presenting articles on Toltec wisdom, history, philosophy, and esoteric teachings. It was released by Koyote The Blind. There are 3 volumes available to this date.



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