Aka Dua Master Class

I will be conducting the Master Class for everyone interested in the Aka Dua.


Yes, I know, many of you have been asking for this. Now that I’ve been properly cornered and prodded, I’ll release this material I’ve been keeping in my medicine bag, toss it out into cyberspace, and see if these pesky students get distracted long enough for me to make my getaway and go enjoy a good cup of coffee in my cave.

In this Master Class, I want to accomplish a few things that might be very useful to everyone who practices, studies, or teaches the Aka Dua. It is a class for masters, for those seeking mastery, and for those who simply want to understand and use the Aka Dua better. Or maybe you are just curious about what the Aka Dua means to others and wonder how others use it? This Master Class is for you, too.

The format of the Aka Dua Master Class is a treat all by itself. In the first five of eight classes, I will be sitting with each Aka Dua Level V master. There are currently five Level V masters, each one has a different and unique understanding of the Aka Dua, and fascinating history, and each has developed techniques and strategies that are not typically taught in regular courses. In each of these 2-hour long classes, you will be exposed to their understanding, experience, and contributions. You will get to see the Aka Dua from their experience and understanding. But there is more!

In each of the 8 sessions in the Aka Dua Master Class, you will witness me guiding each Level V to new levels of mastery, understanding, and technique. This guidance will of course help answer questions, help understanding, and give you techniques and ideas you might have not been exposed to before. They will also bring to light aspects of the Aka Dua not previously seen.

In the last three classes, you will learn the basics about levels I-IV, which are open to everyone. You will also learn about how you can attain the level V, which is by invitation only. No matter what level of the Aka Dua you have, there is a lot in this Master Class for you.

What if you don’t have the Aka Dua? What if you got it a while ago and have not done anything with it? This Master Class will help you learn about it more, answer questions you might have, and learn how others are using it to help them attain their aims.

How can you take this class?

There are three ways you can take the class:

1- You can purchase each session separately, for $75 per class. If you take the entire course, that will be a total of $600.

I don’t recommend this option. Keep reading.

2- You can pay for the entire course upfront. I’m giving a deep discount for those who make the commitment to the four months, 8 sessions, course.

You can take this option for only $350. This is more than a 40% discount!

In addition, everyone who makes the commitment to the entire course will receive a free copy of the ebook edition of a book Koyote is working on as you read this: “Aka Dua: just as the Blind sees it.”

In addition, everyone committing to the entire course will enter an automatic draft. Every session, Koyote will draw a name, and the winner will obtain a free Aka Dua initiation to a level above their current one—bringing the winner to either level 1, 2, or 3.

The cap is at 3, since levels beyond that requires deeper training and development.

If a level 3, 4, or 5 is chosen, other items will be gifted instead.

Now, of course this is a great option. If you want to pay upfront for the entire course, go to

I want to pay for the course without a subscription

However, I still recommend a different option.

We just started a subscription service. The subscription will give you access to a rich and useful body of teachings, Tellings, courses, and special events. Those who sign up for the $25 level or higher will be able to attend the Aka Dua Master Class as a complimentary thank you for supporting Xicoco Shamanic Arts.

Yes, the subscription is completely for the benefit of Xicoco Shamanic Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to make the teachings of Koyote available. These funds will help Xicoco maintain the community grounds, where the Medicine Wheel, the Sweat Lodge, and Vision Quests are hosted.

To subscribe, go to:

Xicoco Subscription: www.xicoco.mn.com

Choose either the $25 or the $100 a month donation, and you are in!

All I ask is that you stay in the subscription service for the 4 months the Master Class lasts. You can continue after that at any of the levels ($10, $25, or $100), or cancel your subscription.

That’s it! Your commitment would be only of $100 for the entire course!

Of course, I would love it if you continue supporting Xicoco Shamanic Arts and continue to get my teachings for a long time, but if you decide to cancel after the four months, it’s all good!  

Everyone at Xicoco told me I’m crazy for making this offer way too good for you, and really bad for business (and for my pockets). They insisted I should charge premium for this course, because it is going to be so good!

However, it is important to me that everyone who can benefit attends. That is much more important than the money we need to preserve the land.

Who should attend? Everyone who is interested in the Aka Dua. There will be a lot for every level. Even people who have not yet received a level 1 transmission can attend and benefit. Are you thinking about getting an Aka Dua transmission? This is the best opportunity to learn and benefit from it. Are you a master, a healer, a teacher, an artist? This will give you many opportunities to get new ideas, insights, and tips for a better use of the Aka Dua.

There is something for everyone.

So, pick your payment plan, and subscribe now.

This Master Class series will be provided in person at the Xicoco community house as well as online, with two sessions each month for four months.

It will be held from 10 am to 12:30 pm PST on the following dates:

March 3/20 and 3/27

April 4/17 and 4/24

May 5/22 and 5/29

June. 6/19 and 6/26.

 See you there!