You Coward

For subjecting the innocent to punishment
(severe, life-lasting, cruel, torturous),
with the excuse that this will deter the guilty…

You are a coward.

For traumatizing the most innocent,
and most loving
of humanity…

You are a coward.

For not having the balls to admit what you’ve done
blaming it on your predecesors
even knowing we all know it’s your doing…

You are a coward.

For having consistently promoted hatred against the helpless,
the immigrants, the undocumented, the foreign, the dreamers,
and now thousands of sweet children,
just to gather around you the support of hate…

You are a coward.

For pandering to tyrants and mass murderers
(because you are too scared to go against those who can retaliate)…

You are a coward.

You berate captured and tortured soldiers,
Fight with grieving widows and parents,
Mock people with disabilites before the nation,
Ignore the deaths of thousands of American citizens in Puerto Rico,
Grab unwilling women by the pussy
(because you are famous)…
Have you ever, ever, gone after a true adversary?

Have you ever defended the weak, the needy, the helpless?
Ever? No, because,

You are a coward.

Yet in your cowardice, utter lack of empathy, and narcisitic personality
(that shouldn’t be a word ascribed to you,
it’s more like a ‘scumality’)
you must know that what you are doing is inhuman.

That is why you lie about it, isn’t it?

It’s okay. We know.
You can say it.

Don’t be scared,
daddy isn’t watching.

Don’t be scared,
your children will keep pretending…
(sorry, that’s the wrong word)

Your daughter will keep pretending you are human.

But don’t be scared of us. You don’t have to lie.

We know.

You are a coward. We know.

You have lived predatorily harming those who can’t defend themselves.

But these children?
Who lost their homes,
Who lived through danger and pain,
Whose only hope is in the uncertain future their parents can find…

the innocent
sacred children,
cannot do anything.

We will, for them.
We will take you and all like you
from office.
We will boycott all your businesses.
We will stop your cruel orders.
All that, we will do.

But beyond that,
we will remember that you killed
the inner child,
that you made thousands of children

Your cowardice will be remembered.

You will forever be remembered, for countless generations…


and if we ever want to remember you
from a time before this horrible crime,
we may remember you


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