Who Works on the Sabbath to Finish the Creation?

“I saw the division of the Gods. I saw the confusion and pain in the human being. I saw the birth of this yearning to unite.

Six days–the people of the desert say–God worked, and on the seventh day he rested because it was the Sabbath.

Who then works on the Sabbath to finish the creation of the human being?

There, you see them now, the daughters of Lilith, the witches, the magical beings, going up this grassy knoll, climbing up the hill.

In that hill they give themselves to lust and passion.

They give themselves to that thing religions have forbidden; because it is at that moment, when there is a separation between the male and the female flesh, that those who would exploit, own, control, enslave, know that the divine force of creation—the direct, unmistakable contact with the creative force of the Creator—can be hidden.”––From “The Witches’ Sabbath“, now ready for preorder.

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