Violence of Saints

As the violence of the spoken word becomes the useless norm, civilization resorts to physical violence.

Fists… Restraints… Weapons… Jail…

A violent husband…

An aggressive mother… Murderous sons… Raving priests…

… and the violence of the saints.

4 thoughts on “Violence of Saints

  1. What does that mean, “the violence of the saints?”

    Is this the violence of one like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita?
    Or the violence of a revolutionary like Che who upon death is like a saint?

    1. The philosopher in me is tempted to define the terms, but the poet in me would slap me hard for trying. Instead, I propose that you read it and hold the reverberations of the term, letting them take their course inside you, without holding them with a definitive definition. 😉

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