Undocumented immigrants pay taxes and do not get benefits.

There are so many lies being repeated about the benefits for undocumented immigrants. It is frankly ridiculous and ignorant. I have known that population and studied it for over ten years, and it is a big lie to say that they are receiving welfare, cash benefits, health care (yes, many do claim that they do), etc. The fact is that they pay billions in taxes, receive almost nothing (outside emergency services, for which they are billed every single time), and are among the most unjustly persecuted minorities in this country.

2 thoughts on “Undocumented immigrants pay taxes and do not get benefits.

  1. The sad truth of this can teach us a bit about reactionary thinking, which almost always leads to error. And besides the character assassination of a broad group of people, there’s the pathos of a large group of media crazed Americans, so that we can see the scape-goating distraction that this provides is no different from the way Middle Eastern leaders distract their people from blaming the ‘Great Satan’ to inspire jihad. The poetic justice in this is that we are getting exactly what we are giving. And no one seems to know they are being manipulated; they’re just too busy being angry.

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