“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”—Voltaire

The absurd belief that…

We are God’s chosen people, the superior race, the greatest country on Earth, the true religion, and the moral majority…

Has been used to support Torquemada’s inquisition, burning women of knowledge, the systematic killing of 100-150 million natives of the Americas, the destruction of entire civilizations, the torture and death of 5 million Jews in Hitler’s concentration camps, World War II, human sacrifice, slavery, the cruelty of empires, the Tea Party, and a century of American atrocities all over the world.

Immigrants are destroying our economy, an otherwise underprivileged minority is plotting to rule the world, and the poor and downtrodden have it good…

Has been used to justify the expulsion of Jews from many countries throughout the centuries, Hitler’s “ultimate solution,” the killing and hunting of Latins around the border, the Tea Party, Donald Trump, the imprisonment and harassment of minorities all over the world, massacres, concentration camps, economic warfare against racial minorities, military intervention.

Someone hates the freedoms of the USA, Christianity is under attack, the white race is been unfairly treated…

Has been used to bomb, torture, rape, and kill millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Nicaragua, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Granada, El Salvador, and the United States of America.

The Earth is flat…

Has been used to burn people alive for heresy, torture, invasions, keep the poor uneducated, stop scientific funding, and identify people online who would be all too easy targets for one or more of the absurdities above.

Gays, satanist, feminists, liberals, atheists, masons, gender non-conformists, communists, and witches are plotting to rule the world, destroy civilization, sacrifice children, or attack the long abused white man…

Has been used to spread fear, deny human rights, discriminate, incarcerate, suppress, and attack minorities.

Let us learn to think.
And from silence to silence,
let thought meet its end.

4 thoughts on ““Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”—Voltaire

  1. Koyote, in its pursuit of happiness, the body politic left the thinking process to those in control of the narrative. Now jolted awake, many are horrified to discover how far we have strayed from the moral ideals of our nation.

    1. Indeed. It is disheartening to see what we thought was progress burn away like paper walls. Yet, we look now at the core of our hearts and know we still have to toil the future with the old oxen called Truth and Work.

  2. There are no Chosen People. Absurd. There is no Great Country. imaginary word play. These absurdities are what cause atrocities. Well said, Koyote, well said. Voltaire, now that truth never changes with time. Time cannot change what is. What is, has no description. Thank you!

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