This morning’s delicate flower

Small and delicate emerges a flower in my heart, surrounded by so many forces and poisons.

Easy to cut, to ignore and kill, this flower grows thorns that can do nothing against the world invading her spring.

But the omnipotent weakness of her beauty is born and reborn in the depth of my feeling. And then, as any worldwide catastrophe,

torrents and whirlwinds are invoked to cleanse the world,

rebellions of love that dethrone the evil,

and the revolutionary glory of my most sacred mysteries.

2 thoughts on “This morning’s delicate flower

  1. I want to paint this on canvas. This is so beautiful. Although I LOVE reading your Spanish works and translating, it’s nice to have the translation in your own words. Thank you for continuing to share your writings. 💚💚💚💚💚

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