The relaxed alertness of meditation

Consider the following image: a gazelle walks to a brook. She lowers her head to drink from the clear, placid water. Shimmers of light play on the surface of the water, sending slivers of silver and light all around. The placid water and the playful light are reflected on the serene intelligence of the gazelle’s round eyes. The muscles of the magnificent animal are relaxed, as is indeed her mind, yet her ears stand and move around in attention.

If you could look closely, you’d see that while her muscles are relaxed, they are ready to jump and run any second. There is nothing slumbered about her. Our gazelle is fully alert yet deeply relaxed. Should a predator appear, she’d jump without missing a beat, and without waste of energy. While the place is safe, nothing is wasted in tension or worry.

Such is the state of relaxation you necessary for meditation: deeply relaxed and vividly alert.

Photography: Sharla Sanchez
Model: Crystal Sanchez

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