The online boldness of a drowning man

Ever since that #shitholetrump was given the White House, some of his followers believe their fascist and racist ideals now have a hero. I’m not talking about all conservatives. True conservatives have valuable ideas and contributions to the ongoing dialogue of humanity, and its search for destiny. No. I’m talking about those true fascist that dream with their past glories of white supremacy, segregation, and slavery.

These people have been silent until now. They can feel their resurgence. They see every step toward xenophobia, suppression, oppression, and cruelty their leader takes as the pavement of a road to their paradise. Emboldened, they are more vocal on social media, in government, on television, and the pulpits.

Because of my opposition to their mouthpiece, and my immigrant status, I get attacked a lot online. So far, they have threatened me with violence and deportation; called me animal, criminal, liar, terrorist, and subhuman (for being Salvadorian); and on, and on. This happens almost on a daily basis now.

Not one of them have said anything in person, but always hiding behind their screen names. Fascist cowards. They are showing themselves, in their impotent pseudo-bravado. They are the last kick of a drowning man.

4 thoughts on “The online boldness of a drowning man

  1. ‘Los arrimados, los mendigos, los marihuaneros,
    los guanacos hijos de la gran puta,
    los que apenitas pudieron regresar,
    los que tuvieron un poco más de suerte,
    los eternos indocumentados,
    los hacelotodo, los vendelotodo, los comelotodo,
    los primeros en sacar el cuchillo,
    los tristes más tristes del mundo,
    mis compatriotas,
    mis hermanos’ RD

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