The Inescapable Waking State

And once again I close my eyes knowing that I can never escape this moment—the eternal moment in which I am one with everything.

I immerse myself into the dream once again, making it more and more complex, creating a play of light and shadow, making it ever more complex, setting traps and dangerous ambushes.

Forming a complex maze and labyrinth to get lost,
to find myself, to lose the key to my real self…
to lose the key once again.

To forget who and what I am.
Whispering secrets into one part of me,
forgetting the secrets with another part of me.

Dividing the language so that some masks of me say yes and others say no. Divide the self. Forget again. Just so I can sleep and forget the inescapable truth of the real, of the here and now, of the waking state.



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