The fool that kicks his hat away

How paradoxical the nature of the spiritual search!

That which we seek keeps being pushed away by the mind that places the attainment always outside, beyond, later.

The immense vistas of freedom come as the vast horizon, always as the horizon that unifies Heaven and Earth, but horizon always, no matter how much we walk.

Or is it like the clown, who kicks his hat away from him every time he bends over to pick it up?

4 thoughts on “The fool that kicks his hat away

  1. Damn. I see myself in this mirror. I allow the mind to be silent and offer my heart to the eternal. Thank you Koyote.

  2. The moment of deep satiating silence and all consuming knowing that floods my being so quickly dissolves the moment I try to hold onto it or capture it. It is elusive and yet ever present. What a beautiful and painfully humorous paradox the search!

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