The Esoteric Teachings Are for the Essence, Not for the Personality.

These teachings are not concerned with the development of your personality. They are not designed to make you more popular or more likeable. They are not designed to make you richer, to give you better relations. They are not designed to boost your self esteem, to give you a better memory, to be calmer, happier, or more successful. They are designed to benefit the essence so that the essence can be transformed into a soul.

It will be transformed into a soul the way a worm goes into a chrysalis and is transformed into a butterfly.

Most people do not concern themselves with growing a soul, because every institution has told them that they already got one. Therefore, they do not make any efforts to grow one. Once they do, they nourish the seed dormant in every body, the seed that descended as pure awareness from the vastness of sentience of the dreamer of the universe.

These teachings, then, are not for the personality. They are meant to show the essence how to allow the personality to break apart, decompose, and absorb it as the seed absorbs the fruit that holds it.

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2 thoughts on “The Esoteric Teachings Are for the Essence, Not for the Personality.

  1. Spot on! There’s a hoard of New Age propaganda that has turned the mystical journey into a quest for happiness; a complete absurdity. One either works at congealing a soul or one lives no life at all…and life understands that happiness can only be measured in its relation to sadness. You simply can’t have one without the other. But you can live the life of a walking zombie with no measure of consciousness; that which a genuine mystical teaching brings to essence.

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