The Dancer in the Perpetual Flame

(a brief message for Karin, r.i.p.)

This universe is created and destroyed in the blink of an I.

Destroyer, Creator and Maintainer, locked in a crazy, eternal dance––dancing as the flame of fire in the center of any room. The flame creates itself, at the same time that it consumes itself.

In the center of the flame, you can see the dancer, creating and destroying; and through the dance, maintaining the flame. And so, a universe is created and destroyed, and everything is perennially fresh and new.

The Absolute, the one true being, is there free, without pain and suffering, perpetually dancing away. No conflict. No drama. No karma. No lingering pains. Just the flow of the immeasurable. No division between good or bad, right or wrong. No high and low. It’s all just the harmonious circle of the eternal dance.


Photography by Sharla Sanchez

All is Revealed in the Nakedness of the Dancer

All is revealed in the nakedness of the dancer.

A dancer stands naked in the blue-cold center of a flame, on a single candle upon a green clothed table, in front of a bearded old man sitting with hands clasped—looking with eyes of adoration.

An empty restaurant in an empty street, but for the old man, stands in a country like any other country.

Alone, a world floats in the infinite emptiness of space, following her own orbit—which is no orbit but a slow falling into the center of a burning star; a star where millions of atoms are being forged.

In the center of the star, the cold plasma will one day explode and disperse itself, impregnating planets across the galaxy.

Here is the galaxy that swirls and sings and revolves, around and around, like the skirt of a Sufi dancer across an empty cold universe.


The Telling: