Ancient Esoteric Schools Hiding in Plain View

Now, esoteric schools were not places where you went to receive teachings. They meant school as in school of fish. A common image for them was a beehive. They were a community of workers. Everywhere they went, they would hide in plain view, so that externally they seemed like everyone else; but internally, the esoteric knowledge was being transmitted. They no longer had a city. After Ce Acatl, the Toltecs became perennial strangers in a strange land. When the Christians came, the Toltecs were already adepts at hiding. Why? Maybe it started from trying to hide from Tezcatlipoca. Maybe they were following an ancient law that says the esoteric can only come up for a portion of time and then must go back into hiding. Maybe the format of the sacred temple of antiquity had to do with the sacred architecture that is capable of bringing in higher consciousness, much like the scent of a flower brings the beehive; and this architecture was used in the building of a city, the formation of an esoteric school, the training of a body and a mind, and even the mandate of a culture to blend in order to survive a long night of centuries of darkness. In all cases, an esoteric inner circle had to be maintained and hidden behind the layers of an internal culture and an outward layer that can survive in the culture they reside. In this way, the Toltecs passed the sacred knowledge on.

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I Shall Step on the Pathless Land

I Shall Step on the Pathless Land

So it is written and so it shall be.
For what once was, it will be.
On that day I shall step on the pathless land.
On the sands of infinity of that desert that crosses and touches
between the world above and the worlds below.

One day, I walk the pathless land,
leaving no trace,
making no mark,
changing no thing.

One day all of me will dissolve in the darkness of that cave.
One day it all ends.
What’s on the other side?
Is it the City of Pyramids?
Or the annihilation of all?
Of these matters nothing is written;
no destiny ever traced.