Training in Lucidity—a key to the higher planes

During an ordinary dream, the untrained person is not aware of any other plane of existence than the dream. In becoming lucid, however, he becomes aware of another plane, the one he calls “reality.” This awareness allows him to become lucid, because he remembers himself in the higher plane of the waking. If he manages to remain conscious of both, as a shaman does even when in the waking, the dreamer becomes not only aware of another plane of existence, but he also acquires power over the dream he experiences.

What is a higher plane, for the purpose of this manual? The difference between an ordinary dream and what most people call “reality”, is that the experience in the dream, as real as it can feel at times, is not as saturated with reality as the world of the waking. For the shaman, all planes of existence are real, but some are more real than others. Some planes have a stronger gravitational pull on our essence, and they seem to have a denser force about them. A higher plane, therefore, is for the shaman a plane of existence that feels more real than the lower plane.

In this way, the shaman seems to have powers ordinary people do not.

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We’re always dreaming.

We’re always dreaming. The tailbrain is always active and the mind is always processing information. So we always dream but we are not always conscious of our dreams. To write down your impressions as soon as you wake up, this would help you bring to the forefront of your mind the processes that your mind has been following. However there is also the dream of life. It follows the exact same laws. Therefore you may try looking at the events of your life as if they are a dream. And in that case look at the nightmare dreams of your life as a sign of the deviation in your path and look at the triumphant dreams in your path as a sign of alignment. And all the random happenings of life all around you as the random necessary adjustments in the path of your life. And once in a while look at that weird happening in your life and ask yourself “what could this dream mean? What is it trying to tell me?”



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It is a constant dealing with the light.

As i find myself in the middle of the Dreaming, I know myself to be bombarded by an intense stream of light. It’s a light that leaves no shadows, because there is nothing there to stand between myself and the light. There is just light—an infinite field of light that extends itself in all directions. And anytime I find myself in any kind of dream, which is to say any type of experience whatsoever, I am in the middle of this vast field of light.

The light, intense, with a loud silence, is so devastating that I cannot remain in any way myself in its presence. So intense is this light that I begin to forget even that I am. This point of consciousness, which I seem to always be calling “I,” begins to dissolve itself and I seem to enter a state of forgetfulness—of not being.

There is, I have found long ago, a way to protect myself from the intensity of this relentless light, a barrier raised between me and the blinding light. It is not so much a physical barrier but a tweak of the imagination. An interpretation of light. A way of processing light. I break it down into slower lightwaves, just like a prism breaks down sunlight into a rainbow. And this light that surrounds me is broken down into an endless stream of dreams and experiences. Broken down this light becomes color, shape, form. Broken down it becomes sound, sensation. It becomes space and time. And all experience, all sound, all vision is in a way the way in which I am dealing with this infinite field of light.

It is completely immaterial, you understand, if I call this experience a dream, if I call it life, if I call it tragedy, if I call it experience. Completely immaterial because in the face of the light all else is a shadow.

And in each case it is I who stands in the center of this world of my creation; of this moment of experience. I experience. To understand that basic equation is to begin to grasp the task of the dreamer, and to begin to understand that to master the Dreaming is to master life; that to master experience is to master self. There is no one there creating this experience for me other than myself. It is a constant dealing between me and the light.

 ––More in: The Golden Flower, by Koyote the Blind