Aka Dua Master Class

I will be conducting the Master Class for everyone interested in the Aka Dua.


Yes, I know, many of you have been asking for this. Now that I’ve been properly cornered and prodded, I’ll release this material I’ve been keeping in my medicine bag, toss it out into cyberspace, and see if these pesky students get distracted long enough for me to make my getaway and go enjoy a good cup of coffee in my cave.

In this Master Class, I want to accomplish a few things that might be very useful to everyone who practices, studies, or teaches the Aka Dua. It is a class for masters, for those seeking mastery, and for those who simply want to understand and use the Aka Dua better. Or maybe you are just curious about what the Aka Dua means to others and wonder how others use it? This Master Class is for you, too.

The format of the Aka Dua Master Class is a treat all by itself. In the first five of eight classes, I will be sitting with each Aka Dua Level V master. There are currently five Level V masters, each one has a different and unique understanding of the Aka Dua, and fascinating history, and each has developed techniques and strategies that are not typically taught in regular courses. In each of these 2-hour long classes, you will be exposed to their understanding, experience, and contributions. You will get to see the Aka Dua from their experience and understanding. But there is more!

In each of the 8 sessions in the Aka Dua Master Class, you will witness me guiding each Level V to new levels of mastery, understanding, and technique. This guidance will of course help answer questions, help understanding, and give you techniques and ideas you might have not been exposed to before. They will also bring to light aspects of the Aka Dua not previously seen.

In the last three classes, you will learn the basics about levels I-IV, which are open to everyone. You will also learn about how you can attain the level V, which is by invitation only. No matter what level of the Aka Dua you have, there is a lot in this Master Class for you.

What if you don’t have the Aka Dua? What if you got it a while ago and have not done anything with it? This Master Class will help you learn about it more, answer questions you might have, and learn how others are using it to help them attain their aims.

How can you take this class?

There are three ways you can take the class:

1- You can purchase each session separately, for $75 per class. If you take the entire course, that will be a total of $600.

I don’t recommend this option. Keep reading.

2- You can pay for the entire course upfront. I’m giving a deep discount for those who make the commitment to the four months, 8 sessions, course.

You can take this option for only $350. This is more than a 40% discount!

In addition, everyone who makes the commitment to the entire course will receive a free copy of the ebook edition of a book Koyote is working on as you read this: “Aka Dua: just as the Blind sees it.”

In addition, everyone committing to the entire course will enter an automatic draft. Every session, Koyote will draw a name, and the winner will obtain a free Aka Dua initiation to a level above their current one—bringing the winner to either level 1, 2, or 3.

The cap is at 3, since levels beyond that requires deeper training and development.

If a level 3, 4, or 5 is chosen, other items will be gifted instead.

Now, of course this is a great option. If you want to pay upfront for the entire course, go to

I want to pay for the course without a subscription

However, I still recommend a different option.

We just started a subscription service. The subscription will give you access to a rich and useful body of teachings, Tellings, courses, and special events. Those who sign up for the $25 level or higher will be able to attend the Aka Dua Master Class as a complimentary thank you for supporting Xicoco Shamanic Arts.

Yes, the subscription is completely for the benefit of Xicoco Shamanic Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to make the teachings of Koyote available. These funds will help Xicoco maintain the community grounds, where the Medicine Wheel, the Sweat Lodge, and Vision Quests are hosted.

To subscribe, go to:

Xicoco Subscription: www.xicoco.mn.com

Choose either the $25 or the $100 a month donation, and you are in!

All I ask is that you stay in the subscription service for the 4 months the Master Class lasts. You can continue after that at any of the levels ($10, $25, or $100), or cancel your subscription.

That’s it! Your commitment would be only of $100 for the entire course!

Of course, I would love it if you continue supporting Xicoco Shamanic Arts and continue to get my teachings for a long time, but if you decide to cancel after the four months, it’s all good!  

Everyone at Xicoco told me I’m crazy for making this offer way too good for you, and really bad for business (and for my pockets). They insisted I should charge premium for this course, because it is going to be so good!

However, it is important to me that everyone who can benefit attends. That is much more important than the money we need to preserve the land.

Who should attend? Everyone who is interested in the Aka Dua. There will be a lot for every level. Even people who have not yet received a level 1 transmission can attend and benefit. Are you thinking about getting an Aka Dua transmission? This is the best opportunity to learn and benefit from it. Are you a master, a healer, a teacher, an artist? This will give you many opportunities to get new ideas, insights, and tips for a better use of the Aka Dua.

There is something for everyone.

So, pick your payment plan, and subscribe now.

This Master Class series will be provided in person at the Xicoco community house as well as online, with two sessions each month for four months.

It will be held from 10 am to 12:30 pm PST on the following dates:

March 3/20 and 3/27

April 4/17 and 4/24

May 5/22 and 5/29

June. 6/19 and 6/26.

 See you there!


The Power Intensive is Coming Up in March

What if you can activate in your own body energies so ancient that they carry the awareness and memories of creation?

Imagine these energies can form a mesh that serve as a receiver and holder of supreme consciousness. Imagine further that you can make of your mind and body an antenna that can attract and communicate the consciousness of infinity.

Put all this together and you have the technique not only for encountering power, but also to hold that power safely and to use it to call to you the supreme consciousness of infinity. To what end? Ultimately, this technique is to become able to act, to accomplish in this lifetime all that you came here to do. It is the power of magick activated by the awareness of the supreme consciousness lying dormant behind all your experiences and all your dreams.

Become able to do, to perform acts of power, and to manifest a lifetime proper of your innermost divine Self.

This is the path of Kriya, the work of Intent, and the manifestation of higher genius.

This intensive will enable you to execute that which your pure, sacred intent demands. It will activate in you the magical force and will show you the ancient techniques for becoming a proper receptacle and spiritual dynamo to accomplish the aims of your lifetime.

This intensive are five days of intense training. Do not sign up if you expect to be doing something else at the same time. It is an accomplishment that normally takes a lifetime to achieve. The effect will be evident right away, and the power will transform your life.

When? March 25 at 7:00 p.m. to March 29 at 4:00

The investment is of $3500. It includes shelter and food. You will stay at my home, and the training will continue during sleep. It is an experience packed with esoteric teachings not available elsewhere.

Sign up only if you are ready to access the most effective and powerful magick, and only if you are ready to have the best tool for accomplishing your aims in this incarnation.

While the investment of $3500 is already low, and the space is extremely limited, I will give a deep discount for those who act now.

This is the method of action, and those who already know this is for them will not hesitate. If you are such a person who does what must be done now, I will bring the cost down to $2,300. All you need to do is send a non-refundable registration fee of $500.

But you have to sign up before December 10 to get this deep discount! This offer ends once the first 20 people have signed up. Register now.

$500 will hold a space for you, and you have until the beginning of the intensive to pay the rest.

For those who want to make a one time payment right now, I will bring the price down even further to $1800.

After December 10, the price goes up to $3500. Act now.

Register by following the appropriate link below:
One time payment at the Act Now low price, send $1800 to: https://www.paypal.me/koyotetheblind/
Non-refundable registration fee at the Act Now low price, send $500: https://www.paypal.me/koyotetheblind/

Remember, those reserving their spot with $500 and paying the rest later will be paying a total of $2300 if they register before December 10 (a discount of $1200).

Those paying $1800 before December 10 will have a deep discount of $1700

If you need a different arrangement, or if you have other questions, write to me at Xicoco93@gmail.com

Aka Dua

Unity uttermost showed,
I adore the might of Thy breath,
Supreme and terrible God,
Who makest the gods and death
to tremble before Thee––
I, I adore Thee.

This is the translation Crowley gives of a poem found in the back of the Stele of Revele––an artifact he found in a museum in Cairo. This stele was the basis of his invocation of Aiwass, from where the Book of the Law (Liber Al) was created.

The poem accurately describes the force behind the Ring of Power, and it is the reason I called the energy given to the world in 2007, the Aka Dua.

Here is the transliteration of the poem in its original language:

A ka dua
Tuf ur biu
Bi a’a chefu
Dudu ner af an nuteru.

Celebrating 7 years of the Ox and None Clerk House of the A.’.A.’.

Seven years ago, on October 22, 2010, I established the Ox and None Clerk-House and dedicated it to the service of the sempiternal A.’.A.’. and to the evolution of humanity.

A reader asked, what exactly is a Clerk House?

Traditionally, a clerk house is a store front or public face of a temple, an abbey, or an esoteric school. It is the administrative center of the operations of the school with the outside world. This is the meaning of the term since the middle ages across different spiritual traditions. From this Clerk-House, the spiritual school and abbey would be coordinating and administering both the dealings with the community and the teaching curriculum for the spiritual aspirants training at the school. The external function of this Clerk-House would be to administer both the business dealings with the community that would allow the school to survive and operate, and the actions performed to serve the outside community. So, it would be in this Clerk-House that all the accounting, inventory, paperwork, and student documents would be kept.

Chapter III, verse 41, of Liber Al vel Legis says: “Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house: all must be done well and with business way.”

Crowley often thought of the Kaaba in the religious context of Islam. The word “Kaaba” means “cube,” and it is the center stone around which the temple is built. Crowley wanted Thelemites to think of his house by Loch Ness, Boleskine, their religion’s Kaaba. He wanted Boleskine to be to Thelemites as Mecca is to Islam. However, initiates of the A.’.A.’. understand that vertical initiatory work is internal. In this light, the verse above is interpreted in the context of the first main task of the Order: to raise your kundalini and consciousness to the center of your Ruach, your mind, and from there enter into conscious communication with the Star, which is your true Self and whose orbit is your Will.

In this light, we understand the Kaaba to be the cube at the center of your being, or the sacred magical altar around which you will construct the temple of God out of your own self, your life, your consciousness, and your body. This Kaaba is the most intimate and secret center of every person, and there we build a house where we will pray and commune with God, “a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”—as my Masonic brethren say.

It is, therefore, in the Lover’s grade that we attempt to balance the forces and powers of the Ruach, reconciling all opposites and putting the ego under control, in order to establish a firm connection with our true Self, and from there engage in conscious communication with our Higher Self of Genius. There, under that guidance, we then proceed to next phase of the Great Work which is the manifestation of your pure will in your life.

In this initiatory blue print, to “establish at thy Kaaba a Clerk-House,” means to set up an administrative center, a store front, at the center of your sacred cube. This sets the Clerk-House for the Adept with a dual function, as every thing in the Ruach is subject to this duality: one inner, and one outer. The administrative function of the Clerk-House in the inner sense has to do with the ordering, balancing, and administration of the different parts of the Ruach. For the Adept, this means the reconciliation of all opposites and the mastery of all aspects of the mind, constantly endeavoring to bring all the elements of the lower and higher self to a state of balance and under the direction of the center, the Sun in Tiphareth, the True Self. This is the first part of the work of an Adept. It is secret and internal. This is “putting your house in order”, as Gurdjieff put it. With the house in order, the Master of the House comes. This is when we attempt to contact the Holy Guardian Angel in a conscious manner, and then establish the methods and conditions for such a communication to continue, acquiring a trusting and reliable source of teachings, guidance, and communion with the most sacred. This is why, in the Lover’s degree, and Adept who has made this contact no longer needs an external teacher, since she has already established a connection to the true Teacher, the real Guru who is a messenger of the sempiternal A.’.A.’. above the Abyss. From then on, your guidance is internal, and from there you derive your teachings, your gnosis, and your magick.

The second part of the task of an Adept is to establish this Clerk-House in the outer, in the world. This is done under the guidance of the Holy Guardian Angel. If the first part of the task was about finding the laws of your Star and entering into conscious contact with it, the second part is about manifesting those laws in your sphere of influence, in your world. This is part of the meaning behind “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In this phase of the Adept’s work, the task is to manifest the Clerk-House in the world. Each Clerk-House will be different, since each one is a manifestation of the innermost will of the Adept. This part of the task can take many years, or even a life time.

The Ox and None Clerk-House was officially established seven years ago, and continues to orbit around the Star which gives its Light, Life, Love, and Liberty from the inner to the outer. As an outer expression of its Kaaba, the Ox and None Clerk-House administers and operates the training of its students, working as an abbey or esoteric school traditionally represented by a beehive. This image illustrates the manner of work and service taught to every student. We research and teach through different traditions from around the world, and many of our students are inheritors and initiates of different traditions, each one contributing to the understanding, the practices, and the technologies employed in our Clerk-House.

To sustain the efforts of the School, we produce works of art, books, street and stage performances, car washes, seminars and workshops.

To service the community, we bring to the community, free of charge, training in arts and craft, the sacred art of The Telling, healing and the use of the powerful energy known as the Aka Dua, free weekly lectures and teachings, sweat lodges and vision quests, dream circles, healing, cine forums, and readings for the dying.

The Golden Flower was released last year. This is a powerful manual on shamanic voyaging, the yoga of dreaming, and the method of realization by experience.

Last year, we initiated a few students into the Diaphanous Shell technology, which allowed us to raise them into the Level IV of the Aka Dua. Another round of students will be initiated into the level IV early next year, and a few select students of the inner circle are getting ready for level 5. I will post a comprehensive list of level four initiates soon.

In addition, the community at the Ox and None Clerk House manifested the Tezaqui Güitame Kachora Medicine Wheel. This is a major accomplishment aiding the protection of the dharma in this troubling times, and the evolution of humanity. Along with the matrix of energy created by the gift of the Aka Dua to humanity, the medicine wheel is helping with the prayers of everyone who walks it, to alleviate the suffering of all beings everywhere and to increase the reception of the teachings in the world.

Several students have also been releasing methods, techniques, and products of their own, each in accordance to their unique will and training.

Oso (George Ramos) has been conducting, and training others, vision quests and sweat lodges under the altars of David Swallow and mine. He has trained a fine group of fire keepers, four water pourers, and four cannumpa carriers. The community thrives in the Red path because of him, and many future generations will benefit from his teachings.

Sharla Sanchez have produced a technique for building a Dream Altar that serves as a portal to the higher dimensions and the light of objective reality. She has begun a path of service as a spiritual midwife, helping the mother connect to the soul of the baby, assisting on the birth and incarnation process. She conducts Dream Circles that show a direct experience with shamanic dreaming. Stay tuned for upcoming creations and offerings from this promising practitioner. You can contact her and inquire about her work at Thedreamersden93@gmail.com

Phyllis Douglass is releasing powerful mudras and initiatory passes that bring the Aka Dua to an accute awareness of the higher worlds. Her angelic voice and direct communication with the essence allow her to guide students in their unique and wonderful path. Read more about her here: www.phyllisdouglass.com

Dr. Arlan Cage has been carrying forth the teachings of the Aka Dua, and will be releasing new methods for its use very soon. His Aka Dua Healing Institute is training many good practitioners, produced a manual for the use of the Aka Dua in the healing arts, and has advanced the understanding of this modality in comparison with quantum mechanics and oriental medicine. Read more about Dr. Cage here: http://akaduahealing.com/

Crystal Sanchez started conducting the Women’s Sweat Lodge. The Sphaira team under her direction has beautiful and effective dream catchers and other products that enhance the art of dreaming. See more of Crystal’s work here: www.facebook.com/sphaira93

Viento de Octubre is guiding others through the art of tarot reading for the essence, and moving forward the magical art of imbuing artifacts for the use of the shaman and the magician, creating magical rings, pendants, and amulets. To learn more about Viento de Octubre’s work, visit his page: www.vientodeoctubre.com

There are many other students creating arts and crafts, performing, healing, conducting dream circles, and teaching. I will be posting about their efforts as they become available to a larger audience.

The training itself is also free, but the student body is at maximum capacity at this time. The training is very engaging, committed, and exacting. At this point, we cannot accept new applicants, but everyone is welcome to participate in our weekly lectures, cine forums, and all the other community events we offer. If you live far from Riverside, our lectures and cine forums are broadcasted live on YouTube, in the Koyote Barks channel.

Also, you can participate by subscribing to this blog, Writings of a Toltec Survivor, for daily analysis, musings, poems, and teachings.

You should also subscribe to the Telling podcast. I am releasing there all my previous Tellings, all of which have been performed live.

The Toltec Survivor Podcast brings you a weekly teaching directly to your essential being, unmeditated and impacting. Don’t forget to subscribe to that one as well, and rate it!

Finally, we are all looking forward to new books on magick, shamanism, and the spiritual teachings of the Toltecs. Keep up to date on my author’s page in Amazon: books by Koyote the Blind.

This is a very dynamic community of practitioners and students. It won’t be long until other students will open their own clerk houses and thus open the doors of the teaching to a wider circle, each one attracting very different people because everyone is learning to connect with their own Star and evolve their own life into a unique source of service to humanity.

Much has been accomplished in these first seven years of the Ox and None Clerk House, and in the 13 years of service of the School as the Xicoco Shamanic Arts. Tonight, we drink and celebrate for all my relations, and for the benefit of All Beings Everywhere!