Stop the madness inside

Shame on those of us who perpetrate lies and misinformation against those who are already marginalized, oppressed, different, and feared.

It is disgustingly easy to propagate rumor and innuendo, dismissing the sad actuality of the lives of those who are persecuted.

When you contribute to the hate, by repeating thoughts and reasons to attack them, you are not really looking at them, but to your ego image, and what you think you are protecting is nothing but the false image of reality your thoughts are creating.

Stop the madness inside, and seek to the highest and truest values your silent self adheres to; and before you spread any sentiment against the poor, the immigrant, the minority, the oppressed, and the bereaved, search in silence those values that best reflect the nobility and sensitive intelligence in you.

2 thoughts on “Stop the madness inside

  1. The culprit is not so much the rumor-monger, as it is the many of us who have not learned separate thinking from feeling. So that many think with the feeling center of their psyche and feel with the thinking center. And as this builds up, two types of audiences are produced on societal level. One type is the sentimental thinker; this person is most often a liberal-type who is moved by social injustice and can be easily convinced of inherent evil to be found in people in the social classes who have been the traditional winners of success in our society. The other type is the reactionary thinker who can be easily convinced that there is an emergent class of people that want to destroy our country and everything it stands for, because they hate the country they were born in. These two types are both generalized in the media and then placed at each other’s throats; pushing out any and all rational thought that then later will be romanticized as the passions of the times, when seen from an historical perspective. And no one will ever see such going on in the present. So it just keeps happening over and over again; decade after decade. And the majority of Americans will never be educated to discover this, nor will they ever care to be educated to discover this. But please don’t think of this as a complaint. After all:
    AL:I.11 “These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools.”
    AL:I.31 “For these fools of men and their woes care not thou at all! They feel little; what is, is balanced by weak joys; but ye are my chosen ones.”

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