Slavery has not ended, and we are being fleeced.

The institution of slavery has not ended yet. It has always been part of our civilization. The institution of slavery as it existed at a particular time here in America is not legal anymore, but that’s an instantiation. Slavery, the forceful use of people for labor, continues. It’s just changed from physical chains to psychological chains. It affects almost everyone. In order to participate in this society, you are forced to conform to certain things. By labor, I don’t just mean that you have to find a job and go to work. I mean that you have to produce, in your body, certain substances that are created by negative emotions and secreted from the pores and glands. In addition, your body is made to transmit signals to each other to create these substances. These signals are communicated through the masses by facial expressions, speech, and lately through memes and short thoughts and phrases. We are made to mass produce a limited number of reactions of anger, frustration, and mockery—all for the benefit, not of you, but of the Great Magician. I’m not just talking about socially negative emotions; what you would call “hope,” “love,” and anything else that is automatically produced in you—adrenaline, anxiety, fear—all these are called negative emotions.

If you begin to look at your education, and how we went from a moment from high anxiety before tests to the relief of anxiety after the test, only to come back to more anxiety, then you will notice that the higher you go up in your profession, the more you continue with that, fear–anxiety release–fear, over and over until your whole being is a machine to manufacture that state. What does the Great Magician get from that? Power, energy, control over the masses. At this point, the Great Magician is not interested in controlling the individual. If you set up a small shop selling vacuum cleaners, you will want to go door to door. But if you have a product like Coca Cola, you don’t sell to a person—you sell to demographics. “We have young, African American males.” “We have old second- and third-generation Latinos. How do we get new ones?” The Magician is thinking bigger than that, and not of countries anymore, but of corporations.

The fleece of the sheep the Great Magician is whatever makes up your identity, your emotions, and the output of your machines: the adrenaline, fear, and paranoia prevalent in society. A few can escape, because the Great Magician doesn’t even want to control small groups. He is not interested in the few black sheep. If you create a liberating movement with several million people trying to be free, he will crush it down. Either he will introduce something seemingly innocuous that will end up diluting the essence of the movement, or he will give you drugs or sex or something to weaken you; and if that doesn’t work, he will come down on you with strength.

What are the consequences of liberation? You are free from the support of the Great Magician as well, so when you free yourself, you find yourself in the jungle, and there are other dangers out there. Therefore, you have to become a warrior, and you have to become a hunter of power, and you have to know that death can come at any moment.

(Excerpt from Teachings of a Toltec Survivor)

4 thoughts on “Slavery has not ended, and we are being fleeced.

  1. Interesting. I thought this was going to be a talk about cheap prison labor, but I never considered the substances created by “negative” (I’m assuming you mean unconscious) emotions as a form of slavery. I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean by “substances” unless you are referring to brain chemicals associated with emotions. If so I still don’t see how these substances themselves are fodder for “the Great Magician”. I can see how they keep a person enslaved by making them react in a certain way, but the chemicals themselves are just chemicals no? Or are you referring to another substance? Furthermore, who is this “Great Magician” and why do they have such limited self-awareness and psychological vocabulary, that they will use people for their own means instead of creating a better world, which in the end would only benefit their well-being? Doesn’t seem like that great of a magician. Seems more like a damaged child that got good at cunning man magick. Definitely a magician without the “mystic” aspect; seems to be stuck in the egocentric phase in terms of the evolution of consciousness and hasn’t made the jump into post-modern/geo-centric/second tier yet. This “Great Magician” needs to see a therapist.

    1. Precisely, as you say, it is not an evolved state. That which I call “the great magician” is so trapped by this dream that it tries to keep everyone trapped with it. He has power over the dream, but no power to get out.

  2. Negative emotion is not negative in a moralistic(enslaved) sense. It is negative in an electrical sense. After the mechanical discharge , one is left with less energy………….. Youve been fleeced, or milked of that energy or substance. If one is a black sheep, escaping to the forest will make one a (small)meal for a family of wolves. Little lambs eat ivy, a black sheep, didnt do what his brothers and sisters did. She didnt collapse in fear, she didnt try to organize the white sheep to resist, she didnt try to escape the farm. She didnt try to become like the great magician/farmer to the other sheep. She waited and formulated questions( white sheep dislike questions). Eventually another black sheep passed through the farm. This black sheep had answers to little lambs eat ivy’s questions. Apparently at one time all sheep had been black, White sheep were the result of the farmer introducing a disease. Little lambs eat ivy was taken to a black sheep village and given a task to complete back at the farm. little lambs eat ivy was to go back to the farm and ensure that a few black sheep were born every generation…………..

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