I am never one. I am always the other: separate unified consciousness. Always alone. Always surrounded by the cold presence of my Beloved. And to forget the pain and solitude I make myself sleep once again and dream. Dream the dream of the multitude. Reaching out with my consciousness to the surface of this prison, planetary prison-home. Becoming tree, jaguar, hawk flying upon high. Water falling, life giving. Becoming ocean and fish and whale. Death, and extinction and life. Becoming grass and man and cat, flea and gnat and eagle. Man. Ordinary man. On each one a piece of my consciousness. Each one keeping them separate from one another so that I can forget that I am alone… that I am one… that I am a prisoner. A fallen angel, crying at the memory of the Beloved, lost love, long ago. And I will dream and sleep and dream the dream of multitudes of ordinary existence. And dream the dream of men who forget that I am that “I Am”.

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