Pure Will Is the Splendor of the Sun

Intent is an actionable manifestation of Will. Intent is a reflection or refraction of Will. One Will, a series of intents. It takes a lot to accept your own Will. You have spent a lifetime covering it up, trying to not accomplish it, saying, “Not yet, not yet, not yet.”

Will is not synonymous with desire. Desire belongs to the law of accidents. You come to desire in accordance to the programming that was given to you. Will is more connected with destiny than to the desires of the ego. In fact, when under the light of pure Will, the desires of the ego become nullified, like the light of a tiny candle before the glory of the Sun.


2 thoughts on “Pure Will Is the Splendor of the Sun

  1. Intent is one of the four Yods in the Doctrine of the Four Yods of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

    Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a
    man or woman succeed when his or her thoughts say that he or she is
    defeated. It operates in spite of the one’s self indulgence and generates
    invulnerability and impeccability. He or she then walks the path with
    heart, and waits for an opening to freedom. Sufficient personal power leads
    to the mastery of intent. Our reality is completely and entirely based upon
    our intent. It is a sign of considerable advance when a man begins to be
    moved by the will, by his own energy self-determined, instead of being moved
    by desire, i.e. by a response to an external attraction or repulsion.
    Intent creates your reality-what are you intending for yourself? You can
    recognize it by listening to your real wishes; the ones with emotional
    buttons on them. The wishes that make you cry or scare you enough to make
    you cringe, or bring a huge smile across your face just thinking about them.
    They are buried deep inside and they are the force that moves you in this

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