The Witches’ Sabbath


This is book 2 of the Spiritual Technologies series. It teaches a powerful technique of Western Tantra to awaken the divine force, travel through the higher planes, communicate with the familiar, and begin a process of union with the supreme consciousness.

This book is available for preorder. It is expected to be signed and shipped the second week of September of 2019.

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The sexual force is the most powerful force. Dormant in the flesh, it is so powerful that its awakening has the potential of creating a new world.

This force is so powerful that those who have sought to retain a hegemony of power have kept humanity enslaved by telling them that the serpent fire of sexual force is evil, and have taught humanity to fear its force. They have conditioned humans to see sex as only for procreation or entertainment, when in reality this is the very creative force of God.

Humanity, however, continues to rebel and seek its true freedom.

The Witches’ Sabbath is an act of freedom, and a call to awakening to all spiritual warriors.

This is the Tantras of the New World, it adds to the existing technologies of the East and West the shape-shifting dreaming technologies of the Nagual.

This is the sexual alchemy of the queer, the transgender, the gender fluid, the asexual, the female, the male, the neutral, and anyone who is a divine star acting through the veil of human existence.

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