The Teachings of a Toltec Survivor


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This shamanic artifact is based on the lectures given by Koyote the Blind during the esoteric course on Toltec teachings. Through autobiographical account and humor, the Nahual spoke to a group of spiritual seekers in 2007, during the Spring Equinox.

These esoteric lectures are much more than data and ideas, they are a live invocation of otherworldly spaces that affected everyone present, triggering in them a transformation know as the Great Work.

This book is a tool to attune the reader to that esoteric space, perhaps allowing those willing to pay attention to also participate of this sacred chamber of the Toltecs, who built the city of pyramids, Teotihuacan, to transform humans into gods, and who still now work behind the scenes to help the world meet the current challenges and attain the next stage of human evolution.

Each lecture delivered during the course is in this book, but the book contains much more. It has been significantly improved from its first edition. New material has been added in each chapter, and more chapters have also been added. There is more information in this edition, as well as more exercises and more in depth explanations and illustrations.

More importantly, this edition has been rewritten to make the material not only easier to understand and digest, but also to create in the reader the effects that being exposed to the live lecture created in the students that witnessed this course live. In the process of reading this esoteric book, the reader will go through something unique, profound, and transformational.

This book is truly an artifact of Toltec art, and as such, it deals with the power of mastering perception—as the ancient Toltecs of Mesoamerica did in precolonial times.

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