Piercing arrows these words.

My heart beats fast and hard right now, because you heard these words.
You don’t know what happens when the words are heard.
They do not exist if they are not heard.
They do not vibrate with life.
They do not bring whispers of death, if you do not hear these words.

I dissolve in the arrow of these words.
So I plead with you, I beg of you, stop hearing these words.
Do not hear one more thing that I have to say.
For my words are like arrows that will pierce your heart, like they pierced mine.

Stop hearing this.
Do not hear one more thing.
I beg of you, do not hear one more thing.
Stop your ears.

Don’t you see how they will penetrate and open up?
Don’t you see how death will dissolve us if you continue to listen?
Don’t you see the world will vanish, and only the piercing arrow of the voice will remain?

I plead with you stop hearing these words now.
Do not open your ears.
Do not open your heart.
Do not feel the arrow of my being penetrating the center of the heart of all that beats.

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