Net Neutrality Repealed :(

In yet another move clearly designed to benefit the billionaire elite at the expense of all of us, the Republican led FCC, and under the leadership of the criminal president, has repealed Net Neutrality.

What this means to you and me is that now the big providers can maneuver access, allowing some companies to stream faster, blocking others, and in general set up a system where what we can see and share will be determined by these giant corporations.

It is a situation where our ability to learn, entertain, transact businesses, and come together as a community will depend of who is controlling the area of the Net we access.

Companies have already been doing this (like when T-Mobile streamed Netflix faster to the detriment of other streaming services), but the law of the land has been to rule against these maneuvers in favor of equal access. While imperfect, Net Neutrality was a law provided by the Obama administration to make sure small companies and individuals had access to the Internet, and the ability to offer their services to all of us regardless of who is our provider.

Now, more than ever, the news we receive, the content we watch, and the communities we can form will be controlled—even more than ever—by big money. This is the real drive of our government. This, we must change.

Fortunately, there is still legal steps that can be taken to get Net Neutrality back. We need to vote against the groups that are trying to take away access from us, and against those who put the interest of big corporations ahead of the people.

Keep the Internet Neutral! Banish these bandits and thieves from the government! Elect people who will work for us, and not sell our health, our freedom, and our communities to the billionaire class. Elect people who will not take us to war for oil, who will not deprive us of food and health for the sake of big pharma money, and who will not profit from our deaths and our suffering.

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