Missionary Work

Missionary work is one of the main tools used by colonial powers. Sure, you go and get your experiences with native people, and you come back with memories and pictures and all the feel good you brought from your encounter with loving and grateful people. You never get to see the destruction and degradation you left behind, nor the way the colonizers and oppressors will use the tools you left there for them. You can remain blind to the way in which you came to a foreign land to tell them their native ways are wrong, that they need the Bible and you church, that their millenary spiritual ways are wrong. You come with money and charm, and drop a paradigm on them designed to make them abandon their wisdom and ways in favor of your Jesus and your cult. How different it would be if you came here with the simple desire to learn and be a guest, with respect. How different if you didn’t have the putrid desire to change the natives into followers of your ways.

2 thoughts on “Missionary Work

  1. Yes. This history is sad if not deplorable.

    Is there any indication that we have become more enlightened to no longer be the rude and crude travelers in foreign countries? The tremendous global need for greed seems to be a growing monster.

    Rumi said it something like….there is an insatiable thirst inside me.

    In Vedic Astrology it sounds like the influence of RAHU. Never enough.

    AND….. We CAN make a difference by changing our INTENTION and Consciousness….dreaming a new dream. Casting away from the shores of any residual energy-focus on the dark memories.
    As the Mind goes…energy flows….manifestation shows.

    Thank you for the share and the opportunity to respond.

    In Light and Live I remain Transpersonally Yours.

  2. Thankyou very much for this post.
    I think it is true that everywhere you go, also in Africa, see with attention and respect all that you meet is the only pacific powerfull tooll for thruly helping.
    How many damnage Europe we have done everywhere !

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