Meditation Intensive Announcement

Meditation, in the West, has become mere relaxation with a tour of pleasant illusions implanted in the mind. It has become a deepening of the sleeping state, the proverbial vacation time away from reality.

That is not true meditation.

For some serious practitioners, meditation has become a synonym of concentration. They at least get some good workout of the power of attention. But that, also, is not true meditation. Properly executed concentration is a precursor to meditation, but not yet the real thing.

Come experience meditation with Koyote in an intense and direct exposure with the ancient and original practice of immersing one’s consciousness in the endless pool of stark reality. Experience and learn the millenary technology of realizing truth, cosmic consciousness, and the highest power available: the power to confront your true eternal nature.

Leave behind the placebo effect of “guided meditations,” chakra activations, and relaxation techniques. Realize instead the direct and transforming presence of the eternal. Stop imagining and visualizing the honey of divine ecstasy, and taste it directly. One drop of the endless, and nothing will stop the transformational force that cleanses the senses and transforms the consciousness.

Come experience real meditation in this intensive exposure to the eternal.

For details and directions, email us at

The intensive will take place in Moreno Valley, California.

When? Saturday, October 15 at 7:00 p.m., to Tuesday the 19 at 10:00 a.m.

Cost: $1600. The cost includes all meals and shelter.

Reserve your space—which is extremely limited—by sending payment at

Also, send an email to telling us you are coming, and we will reply with further instructions.

Vaccines are required for this event.

Note: since this is an intensive, every participant is expected to stay in the community grounds for the duration of the event. No one will be accepted if they want to sleep somewhere else, eat somewhere else, or take time off for any reason. The results of this intensive would normally take decades of isolated and dedicated work. Only an expert shaman and tantrika can provide this result by using time alteration, reality compression, and shamanic voyaging to be able to get there in such a short time—but for that it is necessary that everyone commits for the duration of the event to voyage together.

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