It is Our Time

It was about ten thousand years ago, more or less, that the big lie was created with the formation of the few major cities. Those who sought to dominate and control got together and created a plan to keep the workers trapped. Producing elements, substances, and thought forms to create a condition in consciousness so that people would remain trapped within the confines of the city and of organized religion—within the bounds of civilization.

They created systems, organizations and the transmission of educational forms; not to impart knowledge and wisdom, but to create in the consciousness of humans artificial barriers on a mass scale to ensure that the consciousness of humanity would remain earthbound for millennia.

Now is the time of the revolution; of the taking what we have, to turn it around and inside out. Now is the time of the waking. Now is the time of the true freedom. Now is the time of the lifting into the space bound era. Now is the time of us of the Star Nation.

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Photography by Sharla Sanchez

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