Hunger for freedom

A child tells his mother, “Mama, I am sleepy.”
“Go to sleep,” his mother replies.
“But Mama, can you wake me up when I am hungry?”
His mother laughs and tells him, “Ay, sweetie! When you are hungry, the hunger will wake you up.”

The possibility of liberation does not exist while you have no hunger to be free. The hunger is being controlled by corporations, religions, and society. They are telling you what you should desire and what you are missing. They are telling you that you have go on this diet, to take that pill, to make this change and the other; that you have to think positive to obtain this, to obtain more money… always more this and more that.

They are administering your hunger.

While you are giving your hunger to them, you won’t find the necessary energy for any liberation. Liberation is personal. It is radical. It is a fire born and kindled within you. Once that fire is born in you, and it doesn’t turn off for anything, then your liberation is guaranteed. Nobody will give it to you. Nobody will sell it to you.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy, take pleasure, and search. You can make all the mistakes you want. You have an eternity to live this life. When the hunger comes to you–when it takes root in the whole of you–-then nothing will stop this revolution. But this hunger is not a hunger for food and not a hunger for achievements, but a hunger for truth and liberation.

When nothing traps you, when no religion satisfies you, when no book fills you, when nothing but this hunger is the only thing that exists, then liberation is inevitable.


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