Haiku for The Dreamer’s Den

There is a watcher
behind every blink and gap
dreaming us a den.

A thank you note for The Dreamer’s Den. This wonderful maker of high quality teas, dream altars, and dream circles headed by Sharla Sanchez have been providing savory, healthy and high class refreshments for our Medicine Wheel workshops. The food, teas,and labor donated have made such a difference in our work.

Thank you, Dreamer’s Den!

Click here for more information on The Dreamer’s Den!

To know more about the Medicine Wheel, and to help preserve it, click here!

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    1. Hi, Rosalienne! I’m sorry to hear about the delay. Would you mind sending me your mailing address, the name used when purchasing, and which book you purchased? I’ll send a replacement right away.
      You send it to: Xicoco93@gmail.com

      Thank you!


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