Don’t kill all your monsters

If you play video games, you eventually find out that it’s not a good idea to kill all the monsters. You don’t have to kill everyone. For effective and elegant gaming, it’s better to kill what you need to kill then move on very quickly. That means, in practical terms: do not try to win every argument, do not try to solve all your problems. In fact, leave most of your problems alone. Do not resolve your conflicts, do not fix what’s broken. Leave most of it alone. Dedicate your time, your consciousness, only to what’s important. Let everything else fall as it may.

3 thoughts on “Don’t kill all your monsters

  1. Absolutely right. I tried killing all mine last year. I thought that’s what you had to do. It was a disaster. There are still some who are alive, but I decided to let them live (they’ve turned out to be very motivational…)

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