El Brujo

The magical traditions of the peoples of Latin America are deeply embedded in the natural worlds that surround them. Their inner power is the mastery of perception, and out of that mastery their magic flows as the jungle flows.

The Brujo’s sorcery burns like the tropical sun. It towers and shakes the earth in volcanic joys. It hums eternally with the song of big seas in small shells. It lives and sweats among the mass of peoples, living and dying in eternal struggles for freedom.

The Brujo’s Sorcery is the magical song of the ally. It hardens its intent in the intense heat of the dessert. It dances with the eternal thirst of millions of trees, gifting the world with life to breathe.





Let’s face it

Humanity has perpetrated the worst of crimes. Humanity has also endured the worst of crimes.

It takes courage and the spirit of a true warrior to be able to see the horror we have suffered and the horror we have created, and then transform it all by the power of our vision. By pure will alone we can transform, but not before we can honestly face what we have done.

What is Toltec Art?

The Toltecs believed that the state of being of the artist impregnated whatever it is he was doing. The resulting work of art was then an artifac––something created, but at the same time vibrant and alive with the mood present when created. If the artist was able to go beyond the face of ordinary existence, and through the art was able to connect to higher consciousness, then that connection would be present in the work of art.

The work of art would hold the consciousness, the mood, the vibration that was present inside the artist at the moment of creation—a resonant feature whose life was independent of the artist—and could then be accessed by someone else if she simply applied the keys in the right way. If that other person aligned her thoughts, her emotions, her posture, and her energy that way, that alignment would activate the vibration that existed in this work of art; and in doing so, the art would communicate to the observer the knowledge, the experiences, and the mood of the artist when he created it.

Usually, the art contains clues on what posture to take and what mentation to take. Sometimes, it won’t tell you everything. Sometimes, it will give you the general mood, and you start from there. Then, you begin to move the posture this way or that, or to increase your emotion this way or that, until you hit resonance. Some artifacts are harder to open than others. When it is opening, it is clear. A lock clicks, then it comes to life.

He wore a black hat

He was dressed in dark cloak, wearing a black hat. He had the eyes of a madman. And I knew that was the body I was going to take. So that one day, maybe, I would know what he knew.

He took away all my gods, all my beliefs and convictions. In order to inhabit this body, he began to drill his consciousness and her presence through every nerve in my body, holding on to every gland, and making every second an eternity.

The Horror of the Situation

I saw the mechanical and predictable when I, on my seventh birthday, became suspicious that everyone around me had been replaced, and that I was now surrounded by robots or extra-terrestrials; that they were observing me.

I didn’t know why they were observing me. I just knew that they were mechanical, and that they were pretending to be the people I knew.

I knew also that I needed to pretend that everything was the same.


Xicoco: the beehive of wisdom.

Xicoco Shamanic Arts is dedicated to the ancient teachings and millenary wisdom that has guided humanity through its present evolutionary stage. The root of our school comes from the noble Toltecas, but these roots drink from the fountains of wisdom that feed all sacred traditions. Our teachings are the product of humanity as a whole, drawing from all the sacred traditions throughout history. We work to bring sacred technologies to guide humanity to awakening, to transformation, and to evolution.

The name Xicoco means “beehive,” and it refers to manner in which we use the flowers of wisdom around us and process its products to create the sacred honey which is the true nourishment of the soul.

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Aka Dua

Unity uttermost showed,
I adore the might of Thy breath,
Supreme and terrible God,
Who makest the gods and death
to tremble before Thee––
I, I adore Thee.

This is the translation Crowley gives of a poem found in the back of the Stele of Revele––an artifact he found in a museum in Cairo. This stele was the basis of his invocation of Aiwass, from where the Book of the Law (Liber Al) was created.

The poem accurately describes the force behind the Ring of Power, and it is the reason I called the energy given to the world in 2007, the Aka Dua.

Here is the transliteration of the poem in its original language:

A ka dua
Tuf ur biu
Bi a’a chefu
Dudu ner af an nuteru.


The universe in its inexorable power and mystery is inexhaustible. All is alive and full of intent. The particle of dust which is you is only a point of consciousness in relation to infinity. It’s arrogance to think you can do anything to the vastness. Yet, you are part of that vastness, pulled away only momentarily to wonder and exercise your intent.