I want to say to those young flakes

I want to say

To those lazy students,
(walking out from school and raining on Washington)

To this uncaring egotist youth,
(speaking against the dangers all face)

To the snowflake generation of pampered cowards,
(mobilizing united against the murderous gun makers,
the cowardly law makers for sale, puppets of the NRA,
and crime spree of hate fed by our government)

I want to say…

Speak up.

We failed to make this world safe for you.
We got distracted with reality shows, with stupid banter, and cynicism.
We kept shouting “Fake News”, and “Build that wall”, and “It’s the homeless fault.”
We shouted so hard we couldn’t hear the bullets.
We were so blind we couldn’t see the color of your blood.

It’s up to you now.
Discern the voice of your spirit.
Learn to think for yourself, don’t wait for us to teach you.

Speak up… and listen to yourself.
Observe… and remember.
Survive… and vote.
Stay woke… and live.

—Koyote the Blind


La delicada flor de esta mañana

Pequeña y delicada nace una flor en my corazón, rodeada de tantas fuerzas y venenos.

Fácil de cortar, de ignorar y de matar, esta flor saca espinas que nada pueden contra el mundo que invade su primavera.

Pero la omnipotente debilidad de su belleza nace y renace en la profundidad de mi sentir.

Y entonces, cual catástrofe mundial,

se invocan diluvios y torbellinos que me limpian del mundo,

rebeldías de amor que destronan el mal, y

la gloria revolucionaria de mis más sagrados misterios.

Don’t kill all your monsters

If you play video games, you eventually find out that it’s not a good idea to kill all the monsters. You don’t have to kill everyone. For effective and elegant gaming, it’s better to kill what you need to kill then move on very quickly. That means, in practical terms: do not try to win every argument, do not try to solve all your problems. In fact, leave most of your problems alone. Do not resolve your conflicts, do not fix what’s broken. Leave most of it alone. Dedicate your time, your consciousness, only to what’s important. Let everything else fall as it may.

Know Thyself

To know thyself, you must first question the assumptions you’ve made about who you are. In fact, everything we have taken as truth has to be questioned, analyzed, and reformed in a conscious manner, so that what we are, what the world is, and what the universe is can be approached as a great mystery—as a unique path that will lead us to a lifelong adventure of discovery.

To know thyself, as the oracle of Delphi commanded, and as Socrates told his students, is not only to know your identity—with all its preferences and histories—but to know that you are not that identity at all. It is to know the limits you have imposed on yourself. To know that manner in which you were educated by family, culture, country, and religion; and how they have provided limits for yourself, because they have created an avatar that functions on behalf of those very same religions, countries, and artificial human groups.

The real crime along the U.S. border

I saw a video of criminals from the Border Patrol destroying water supply and other humanitarian assistance left along desert trails, to assist those crossing the desert and give them a little chance of surviving. Thousands of men, women, and children die each year attempting this passage. These officers are seen smiling, proud of their destruction, hoping some people will die of thirst or sun stroke. This is inhumane, cruel, and has no other intent than to kill.

I can almost hear the hatred expressing itself with the usual, “they are just doing their job”, “they need to deter illegals”, and “they are not doing anything wrong because the illegals are criminals breaking the law”…

Such apologist statements for the cruel abuse against human beings does not stand to the light of reason, because:

1- This is not part of their job, and BP has asked the public to report these officers putting people in danger. Their job is to apprehend and assist people in danger, not to put them in mortal danger.

2- Destroying the efforts of No More Death is not a deterrent. Immigrants will continue to cross knowing there is danger of death. And no, knowing they can die does not justify depriving them of water.

3- Being in this country without papers is not a criminal offense. It is a violation of the law. What’s the difference? The same difference between a crime like larceny and a traffic violation. One is a criminal offense, the other just a violation. In the case of undocumented immigrants, the violation is punishable by deportation at worst. It’s never treated as a crime, because it has never been a criminal violation.



I’d rather converse with an artist of thought than seek to destroy ideas and points of view. We may also get somewhere by walking together, as words come and go and we let them pass like clouds in the sky, without preferring one over the other, until only the empty sky remains… or the gentle rain sheds our countenance.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”—Voltaire

The absurd belief that…

We are God’s chosen people, the superior race, the greatest country on Earth, the true religion, and the moral majority…

Has been used to support Torquemada’s inquisition, burning women of knowledge, the systematic killing of 100-150 million natives of the Americas, the destruction of entire civilizations, the torture and death of 5 million Jews in Hitler’s concentration camps, World War II, human sacrifice, slavery, the cruelty of empires, the Tea Party, and a century of American atrocities all over the world.

Immigrants are destroying our economy, an otherwise underprivileged minority is plotting to rule the world, and the poor and downtrodden have it good…

Has been used to justify the expulsion of Jews from many countries throughout the centuries, Hitler’s “ultimate solution,” the killing and hunting of Latins around the border, the Tea Party, Donald Trump, the imprisonment and harassment of minorities all over the world, massacres, concentration camps, economic warfare against racial minorities, military intervention.

Someone hates the freedoms of the USA, Christianity is under attack, the white race is been unfairly treated…

Has been used to bomb, torture, rape, and kill millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Nicaragua, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Granada, El Salvador, and the United States of America.

The Earth is flat…

Has been used to burn people alive for heresy, torture, invasions, keep the poor uneducated, stop scientific funding, and identify people online who would be all too easy targets for one or more of the absurdities above.

Gays, satanist, feminists, liberals, atheists, masons, gender non-conformists, communists, and witches are plotting to rule the world, destroy civilization, sacrifice children, or attack the long abused white man…

Has been used to spread fear, deny human rights, discriminate, incarcerate, suppress, and attack minorities.

Let us learn to think.
And from silence to silence,
let thought meet its end.

Soy de un charco de mierda (translated from an English article published before)

No soy americano.

Nací en el continente llamado “América,” si. Pero de alguna manera estos Estados Unidos se han atribuido el nombre del continente entero.

Ronald Reagan rebajó la categoría del resto de este magnífico continente meramente a la de ser “el patio trasero de América.”

Entonces fue cuando yo llegué aquí, a la supuesta “tierra de los libres,” cuando Ronald Reagan envió miles de millones de dólares a dictaduras militares para que usara ese dinero para violar, torturar, y masacrar a mi gente. Yo no quería venir aquí. Ay! Cuánto aborrecí este país tan repleto de restricciones, prohibiciones, y gente mantenida ignorante de su propia historia!

Ya aquí, casi ninguna de las personas que llegaba a conocer sabían donde estaba mi país. Todos parecían asumir que yo era mexicano. A excepción de los mexicanos. Ellos si sabían de donde yo era, y sabían que no podrían sentirse seguros conmigo puesto que, siendo de donde yo era, to tenía que ser un borracho, un violador, un criminal, un ladrón, y un ser humano repugnante. Pocos otros sabían de donde yo era.

Después que Reagan había ya pagado por el asesinato y tortura de 100,000 de mis compatriotas, yo pudo sentar cabeza en este baluarte de la democracia—donde yo tenía que probar a cada momento que tenía el derecho de vivir aquí, que tenía el derecho de trabajar, y pues que también alguien como yo podía tener una educación.

Donald Trump le puso la etiqueta de violadores y criminales a los mexicanos, justo en el momento que anunciara su candidatura; como para enviar la señal a su base que él iba a hacer este país grande otra vez deshaciéndose de toda la mierda humana que está hoy apestando el lugar con su español y su piel oscura y su anhelo de libertad.

No obstante, ese acto no remueve la etiqueta de mí. Después de todo, si él me llegara a conocer algún día, él pensaría que yo soy mexicano.

La verdad es que es difícil para mí decir qué es lo que soy. Nací en El Salvador, y mi tierra y mi gente son sinónimos de amor y libertad en mi corazón. Pero el país mismo es una invención de un invasor proveniente de otro continente. Su lenguaje, su religión, y sus tradiciones fueron impuestas por los invasores, nos las quemaron en el cuerpo con fuego y hogueras. Nuestra resistencia de 500 años ha dejado su marca perenne en un TEPT (trastorno por estrés postraumático) tan arraigado en nuestros huesos que no sabemos si otra forma de sentir sea posible.

Soy salvadoreño, aún si el término haya sido impuesto por España. Soy americano, aún si los Estados Unidos piensan que son dueños del nombre. Soy guanaco, aún si usted piensa que es un insulto.

No soy mexicano. Muchos mexicanos aquí me llaman “cerote”—un pedazo de mierda.

Hoy, Trump estuvo de acuerdo con ellos. Hoy, él dijo que no entendía por qué los izquierdistas insistían en traer gente de esos países charcos de mierda.

Soy un pedazo de mierda de un país charco de mierda en el patio trasero de Ronald Reagan.

Y, de todos modos, estoy aquí. Y vengo de la Tierra de la Joya, del Cuzcatlán, del último bastión de la resistencia.

Estoy aquí y aquí me quedo para transformar esta tierra, este continente entero, a lo que en realidad es: la madre tierra en proceso de despertar.

Tal vez sea para usted un pedazo de mierda de un país charco de mierda, pero yo en usted y en mi y en todos veo la verdadera luz plateada de la mente vacía, la liberación del pasado, la gloria del Nuevo Sol que anuncia la venida del ser humano verdadero. Estoy aquí para compartir ese futuro con usted, querido lector, sin odio en mi corazón, sin resentimiento, y sin ninguna etiqueta que devolverle.

I come from a “shit-hole”

I am not an American.

I was born in the continent known as “America”, yes. But somehow this United States has given itself the name of the entire continent.

Ronald Reagan demoted the rest of this magnificent continent to the mere “Backyard of America.”

That’s when I came here, to the “land of the free,” when Ronald Reagan sent billions of dollars to military dictators so they could use the money to rape, torture, and massacre my people. I didn’t want to come here. Oh, how I hated coming to this land so full of restrictions, prohibitions, and people kept so ignorant of their own history!

Once I came here, almost no one I met knew where my country was. They all assumed I was Mexican. Except for Mexicans. They knew where I was from, and knew they couldn’t trust me because if was from where I was, I had to be a drunk, a rapist, a criminal, a thief, and a repulsive human being. Few others ever knew where I was from.

After Reagan was done paying for the killings and tortures of 100,000 of my people, I was able to settle in this bastion of democracy–where I had to prove at every turn that I had the right be here, that I had the right to work, and that someone like me, too, could be educated.

Donald Trump gave the label of rapists and criminals to Mexicans, right when he announces his candidacy; so as to signal to his people that he will make this country great again by getting rid of all the human shit that is now stinking up the place with their Spanish and their colored skin and their desire for freedom.

However, that doesn’t remove the labels from me. After all, if he ever met me he would think I am Mexican.

The truth is that it is hard for me to say what I am. I was born in El Salvador, and its land and people are synonyms with love and freedom in my heart. But the country itself is an invention of an invader from another continent. Its language, its religion, its traditions all were imposed by the invaders, burned into us with fire and cauldrons. Our 500 year old resistance has left its mark in a perennial PTSD so ingrained in our bones that we don’t even know any other way of feeling is possible.

I am Salvadoran, even if the term was imposed by Spain. I am American, even if the US thinks they own the name. I am güanaco, even if you think it’s an insult.

I am not Mexican. Mexicans call me “cerote”–a piece of turd.

Today, Trump agreed with them. Today, he said he didn’t understand why liberals want to bring people from those shit-hole countries.

I am a piece of turd from a shit-hole country in the backyard of Ronald Reagan.

Yet, I am here. And I come from the Land of the Jewel, Cuzcatlan, the last bastion of resistance.

I am here to stay, and to change this land, this entire continent, into what it truly is: the mother land in the process of awakening.

You may see in me a turd from a shit-hole country, but I see in you and me and all the true silver light of the empty mind, the freedom from the past, the glory of the New Sun that heralds the coming of the True Human Being. I am here to share that future with you, my reader, without hatred in my heart, without resentment, and without any names to hurl back at you.

Who profits from our poverty?

No, the problems with our society are not Mexicans, immigrants, homeless, welfare recipients, liberals, conservatives, or undocumented people. The root of our social disasters is, and has always been, in those who profit from our poverty, from war, from ignorance, from fear, from hatred, and from our tendency to fight each other.