Pre-Order Teachings of a Toltec Survivor, 2nd Edition

By popular demand, “Teachings of a Toltec Survivor”, 2nd Edition, is now being released!

It is coming out at the end of April, 2019, exactly 12 years after the Toltec esoteric course took place, the source material for this book.

The book has been out of print for many years, and will now be released with additional material and a delivery designed to put you right in front of Koyote, and experience the teachings of the Toltecs directly. Each chapter of the book corresponds to one lecture delivered to a group of about 40 participants.

This edition maintains the material presented in class, but delivers it in a powerfully experiential way, easy to follow, and full of humor and wisdom—the hallmarks of Koyote.

This is truly an artifact that carries the teachings as they took place, allowing the reader to benefit not only from the information presented—a rare treasure in itself—but also by allowing the magic of the moment to have a powerful effect on the reader, as if they had been present in the chamber.

The book will be $35 when it is released, but we are currently taking pre-release orders for only $25 (plus $2.95 for shipping).

Be part of the magical chamber of the Toltec teachings. Pre-order, and Koyote will personally send you your own signed copy!

Click on this link to place your order from the USA:

Preorder Teachings of a Toltec Survivor from outside USA:

Click Here to pre-order your signed copy of Teachings of a Toltec Survivor!

For pre-orders outside the United States, please click here. Shipping is $10 more.



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