Walk Slow

Walk slow, grandpa Sun.

Slow. Slow.

For I see my love this night, and the sweet sorrow of coming death is best sipped with delicate breath.

The power of the sexual force.

The kundalini is the base of our sexual force, it is the divine energy that comes to sleep in matter. It is so powerful that when used in its more available form, as sex, it can produce the greatest pleasure, emotional upheaval, and even a new life. How much more powerful this force when used with the aims and skills of a shaman? It can truly awaken in us the full memory of our divine origin, and give us the key to the heavens when properly used and understood.

Net Neutrality Repealed :(

In yet another move clearly designed to benefit the billionaire elite at the expense of all of us, the Republican led FCC, and under the leadership of the criminal president, has repealed Net Neutrality.

What this means to you and me is that now the big providers can maneuver access, allowing some companies to stream faster, blocking others, and in general set up a system where what we can see and share will be determined by these giant corporations.

It is a situation where our ability to learn, entertain, transact businesses, and come together as a community will depend of who is controlling the area of the Net we access.

Companies have already been doing this (like when T-Mobile streamed Netflix faster to the detriment of other streaming services), but the law of the land has been to rule against these maneuvers in favor of equal access. While imperfect, Net Neutrality was a law provided by the Obama administration to make sure small companies and individuals had access to the Internet, and the ability to offer their services to all of us regardless of who is our provider.

Now, more than ever, the news we receive, the content we watch, and the communities we can form will be controlled—even more than ever—by big money. This is the real drive of our government. This, we must change.

Fortunately, there is still legal steps that can be taken to get Net Neutrality back. We need to vote against the groups that are trying to take away access from us, and against those who put the interest of big corporations ahead of the people.

Keep the Internet Neutral! Banish these bandits and thieves from the government! Elect people who will work for us, and not sell our health, our freedom, and our communities to the billionaire class. Elect people who will not take us to war for oil, who will not deprive us of food and health for the sake of big pharma money, and who will not profit from our deaths and our suffering.

Why is a Salvadoran writing Haiku?

It is El Salvador the place where I learned my first and most enduring lessons, where life first met me and revealed shadows and mysteries, joys and miseries. It was in the jungle and the volcano, not in the snowy peak of gentle Japanese mountains, that nature surrounded me with the song of birds, the scorching heat of the sun, the clear dark of starry nights. It was here that the unknown rained from vast darkness unto the panic beauty of nights without electricity an the perennial presence of the Duende, the voyeuristic games of the Cipitio, and the dreadful curse of the Cihuanaba. In its cities I smelled blood, touched death, and tasted static mystery. It wasn’t the profound calm of zen but the torrid emotions of the human and tropical jungle that forged my joy for life, my avid desire for experience, and my sense of self.

More than anything, it is here in the war and the full beauty of that valley of hammocks that I came first to sense the seed of self that exists before I was born and that shall endure well after this body and that country are long dissolved and forgot. That place is then my origin and therefore my end (as an Aristotelean telos, not as a tomb). In stories as in mathematics, the end is contained in the beginning. The egg contains the potentiality of the being, and in the being is the solution to the puzzle of evolution.

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The word divination means “to be inspired by a god or by divinity.” In ancient times, the ability to see the future, to understand the present, and to discover the past was intrinsically connected with the technology that allowed the seer to connect and hold, for a while, the mind of a god.

Auguries were some of the most effective and popular methods of divination for the powerful. This word comes from the same Latin root that gives us words like augment and alludes to the swelling, bubbling up, or levity seen in birds flying and in water rising. It speaks to the subconscious of abundance and prosperity.

While many methods of divination exist, it is a big mistake to think that the instrument is the intelligent factor. Whether you use cards, charts, leaves, coins, sticks, or bird patterns, the divination factor is not in the instrument itself. The intelligence that divines, and the magical force behind the augur, is not in the instrument or method used. It is in the ability of the diviner to expand consciousness to encompass the mind of God.



El Brujo

The magical traditions of the peoples of Latin America are deeply embedded in the natural worlds that surround them. Their inner power is the mastery of perception, and out of that mastery their magic flows as the jungle flows.

The Brujo’s sorcery burns like the tropical sun. It towers and shakes the earth in volcanic joys. It hums eternally with the song of big seas in small shells. It lives and sweats among the mass of peoples, living and dying in eternal struggles for freedom.

The Brujo’s Sorcery is the magical song of the ally. It hardens its intent in the intense heat of the dessert. It dances with the eternal thirst of millions of trees, gifting the world with life to breathe.




We’re always dreaming.

We’re always dreaming. The tailbrain is always active and the mind is always processing information. So we always dream but we are not always conscious of our dreams. To write down your impressions as soon as you wake up, this would help you bring to the forefront of your mind the processes that your mind has been following. However there is also the dream of life. It follows the exact same laws. Therefore you may try looking at the events of your life as if they are a dream. And in that case look at the nightmare dreams of your life as a sign of the deviation in your path and look at the triumphant dreams in your path as a sign of alignment. And all the random happenings of life all around you as the random necessary adjustments in the path of your life. And once in a while look at that weird happening in your life and ask yourself “what could this dream mean? What is it trying to tell me?”



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